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Thursday, November 09, 2006

3 "Baskets"

Ok so I'm taking this from David Bach's Smart Couples Finish Rich and want to share how we're taking advantage of this.  The 3 baskets consist of the retirement basket, the security basket and the dream basket.  As of this writing, I am contributing 10% of my gross income into my 401k as my retirement basket, $250 a month into an ING Direct money market account with a 4.4% return, and my wife and I are actually in the process of cleaning out our dream basket to fix up and furnish the house we just bought.  We started the ING account on September 15, 2006.  This will be used for emergencies only, and my goal is to accumulate at least 6 months of expenses (not income) to use for a rainy day.  I plan on putting my annual bonus (March '07) and my income tax return (also around March) into the ING account as well, just to give it a little kick.  The dream account will be refunded when the improvements on our house are finished, at approximately $100 a month, and I plan on increasing my 401k contribution to 11% starting July 1, 2007.



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