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Friday, November 10, 2006

Goal Setting Entry #1

It's been a long day, but I think I can find some energy to identify some goals for myself. Long and short term personal, professional and financial goals are included. Keep in mind that these are all off the top of my head, so more could be added soon:

Personal Goals
#1: Lay new flooring in my new house to completion, without succumbing to pay someone to do it for me, and still make it look like it was professionally installed.

#2: Move into my new house by no later than November 25, 2006.

Professional Goals
#1: Obtain my Oracle Database 10g DBA OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) by March 3, 2007.

Financial Goals
Short term
#1: Pay off auto loans.
#2: Pay off credit cards 100%, cut those suckers up and never carry any more consumer debt.

Mid term
#1: Accumulate $15,000 in savings in our ING Direct money market account to use for emergency purposes.
#2: Start a "dream" money market fund to use for future vacations, both large and small.

NOTE: If you are reading this blog and are interested in opening an ING Direct savings account with a minimun deposit of $250, please email me at for a referral link. ING Direct will deposit $25 into your account with a referral, and I'll get $10 for referring you. We both win!

Long term
#1: Put our kids (who aren't born yet) through college.
#2: Retire by age 55 with $2 million in liquid assets (I'm 27 years old at the time of this writing).



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