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Monday, January 22, 2007


I held the first of hopefully several ebay auctions last week to get rid of some stuff I haven't used in forever. First up was my Xbox. I haven't played it in probably 2 years and I've been thinking about selling it for awhile now. It felt so good once my auction ended and I ended up making $112.50. The transaction went smooth and I just shipped it today. The best part is that the money from the auction was already transferred to my ING direct account and it's now earning interest. Next up is my Nintendo 64. It's scheduled to end this Saturday the 27th. I'd put a link up to it but I'm sure nobody really cares. It's currently at $40, and whatever it sells for will also be stashed away with ING. I'm trying to look for other stuff that might be worth selling, but besides my sports card collection I can't think of anything. I'd have a really hard time parting with the basis of my entire childhood, so I might just end up holding onto those.



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