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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Net Worth Forecast for '07

One of my main goals for 2007 is to increase my net worth to $100,000. I thought I would write down a forecast of how I'm going to do this, which will also show me how close I'll get to my target and identify ways to make it more realistic.

As of today (January 11), my net worth has increased from the beginning of the month due to debt payments clearing, etc. I'm starting with a rough estimate of a net worth of $66,000, give or take a few hundred dollars (this is just an exercise!).

Debt reduction:
-$3495 auto loans
-$3456 mortgage principle reduction
-$4000 credit card balance reduction

Total liability reduction: -$10,951

Asset increase:
$1550 ING emergency fund
$400 life insurance cash value increase
$7308 401k + company match
$2720 conservative estimated rate of return on 401k. This estimate is an 8% increase of its current value.

Total asset increase: $11,978

Total forecasted net worth increase: $22,929

This wold set my net worth at nearly $89,000, so I'd fall $11,000 short of my goal. This amount assumes a number of things:

1.) I won't get any sort of raise/bonus (which I'm supposed to get and if I don't I'll be looking for a new job).
2.) I'll only contribute $125 into my emergency account each month.
3.) A very conservative credit card reduction. After our cars are paid off this will be very aggressive.
4.) I will not hold several ebay auctions throughout the year to get rid of stuff I haven't used for years.
5.) The stock market will not be as bullish as a lot of investors are predicting.

I set my goal high so it would be a challenge. This is going to be an exciting year. Stay with me to see how it turns out!

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